The caves at the Puilwa village

The caves at the Puilwa village in Peren are very important for the people of Nagaland, and they hold this very close to their heart. Located at a distance of 30 km from the town of Peren, this is where the famous revolutionary Rani Gaidinliu went into hiding during her revolt against the British rule. Since then, this place has become a sort of legend for the Naga people. After independence, A Z Phizo carried out his struggle for the Naga identity from these caves. There is a series of caves in this village which make it a perfect destination if you have some adventure in you. You can explore these caves one after the other throughout the day and their natural beauty will amaze you. The people of the Puilwa village are very warm and here you can also get a taste of their lives and culture.

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  • The caves at the Puilwa village-Peren
    The caves at the Puilwa village

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Nearest Airport Dimapur

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Nearest Railway Station Dimapur

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30 km from Peren Town