DIRECTION AND ADMINISTRATION: The Sub Divisional Fishery Office has been officially established on 01-10-1979 at Jalukie Town, Peren. The objective of the Department is to attain the level of self sustenance in fish production through efficient utilization of available resources by laying special emphasis on human resource development and diversifying fishery activities and by applying modern technology. Which till remained fallow/ undeveloped in many pockets of the district due to paucity of funds for development. The district if adequately brought forth under developmental fold will maximize the production of fish: thereby providing income, employment/ livelihood opportunities and subsistence to food securities to the rural communities of the districts and the state in general.



At present, the administration of the Division covers the whole of Peren district except Intangki National Park jurisdiction, which falls under the administration of the Wildlife Division; Dimapur. The Division is divided into Six Ranges and Three Beats including one Rubber Unit in Jalukie.
Characteristic of Forest & Wild life in Peren

a) Forest cover/density: b) Community/ private forest:  c) Availability of wildlife:

Factors of environment degradation:

a) Jhum cultivation:  b) Forest fire: c) Logging: d) Hunting

Affect of deforestation:

a)Reduction in soil fertility  b) Crop productivity c) Climate change: d) Habitat destruction:



The Department was established in 1991 with a Sub-Registrar of Cooperative Societies.


1. Registration/supervision/assistance/counsel & control of registered Coop societies.

2. Audit, inspection, arbitration and liquidation.

3. Control over cooperative education and training.

4. Development of cooperative movement and human resource.

5. Implementation of various schemes including NCDC & ICDP

6. Recovery of loan:



The basic objective of the department is to provide livelihood support to the people through judicious utilization of the natural resources for enhancing productivity, sustainability; creating rural income and employment opportunities; and to improve the over-all environment of the region. To achieve these objectives, the following schemes are presently implemented by the Department of Land Resources :-

1. Integrated Watershed Management Programme (IWMP) - Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS)

2. Rubber Development Plantation Scheme - State Scheme

3. Construction of District Office and Staff Quarter Buildings



District Rural Development Agency, Peren was functional since 2005. The department have four RD Blocks one each at

a) Peren RD Block

b) Tening RD Block and

c) Jalukie Block and Athibung Block for departmental administrative conveniences.



Land Records and Survey Department plays vital roles through the land mappings which strengthen the revenue administrations and provide the detail land record and survey reports and information for Administrations and Developmental activities. In the new Peren district the non posting of officials like the LRSO and the required subordinate have been much felt as development activities particularly the New District Hqr development have been delayed much for want of more participation from the department.


a) Construction of Offices and Quarter for LRSO at New District Hqr

b) Constructions of SO & Staffs Quarters at New District Hqr.



The focus of the department is on the development of Under-developed areas of the state particularly Mon and Tuensang, Longleng and Kiphire and Other Backward Areas such as Peren, Tening, Bhandari, Meluri, Aghunato & Satoi. The Under-developed Area Programme (UDAP) is implemented in Peren district at par with other developing districts like Wokha, Phek and Zunheboto, which have pocket underdeveloped areas, though the entire Peren district is underdeveloped in all respect.

DPDB Observations:

a) The term “Other Backward Areas” for Peren and Tening were in used while Peren was in Kohima, since Peren & Tening is a district, DP&D Peren, suggest the term ‘Backward Areas’ be replaced with ‘Backward/Underdeveloped District’ as the entire district is Backward/ Underdeveloped unlike the other district with backward pockets / areas.



The Office of Irrigation and Flood Control, Peren was established in 1986 and the department at present is headed by EE, Irrigation & Flood Control. The objective of the Department is to provide Irrigation Project to the farmers where there is sufficient Cultivable Command Area (CCA) and sufficient surface water of the perennial river/stream in order to utilize the uncultivated CCA for permanent wet cultivation and we also provide RCC Diversion weir, protection wall, CC lining and widening of channel to supply sufficient water to the field for enhancement of productivity, production, sustenance and self sufficient in both Kharif and Rabi crops and also to protect and preserve the natural resources under AIBP Scheme.

AIBP (Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme)

This scheme has been started from the year 2002-03 and the Project are being taken up as per the guidelines given by the Water Resources Ministry of India that there must be minimum 20.00 ha. Of CCA to take up a M.I. Project and we also take up the cluster Project one Project one Village on rotation basis. That there must be minimum 50.00 Ha of CCA within the radius of 5 Kms.



The Department of New and Renewable Energy being a new setup in the state is yet to take up activities in the district, and Peren being the youngest district of Nagaland. The district is yet to be explored or survey by experts. There are immense potentials for generations of other Renewable Energy besides the Solar Energy.

DPDB Observations.

a) Strong Winds along the Barail Ranges and Perennial river and streams like Tepuiki, Duilumroi, Nguiki, Tesangki may be explored for Wind mills Small/Micro Hydro.



With the rapid progress and hunger for more developmental activities, the department has to play a vital role in meeting the challenges faced by it and to focus on standardization and modernization as demanded in the global scenario. Here are some of the thrust areas which can be noted for industrial development:-

1. Agro-based Industries

2. Food Processing Industries

3. Wood-based Industries

4. Tourism Industries

5. Handloom and Handicraft

6. Distillation of Oils from Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.



The main aims and objectives
1. Introduction of market facility.
2. Introducing the latest modern technology for higher productivity and profitability.
3. To introduce improved varieties of host plant and silkworm seeds for higher productivity.
4. Introducing training centre for silk spinning, silk weaving and dyeing of silk.
5. To generate self-employment and avenues earning by implementing the existing resources in the District.         
1.   Catalytic development programme.
2.   Eri-silk development in rural areas.
3.   Exhibition.
4.   Capacity building
5.   Market support programme.
6.   Staff requirement



The Peren PWD (R&B) Division established on 1st April 1974 consisting three Sub- Divisions Peren, Jalukie, Tening have been giving outmost efforts to provide good roads to the district in spite of the constrains funds and manpower. The Division take up Construction and improvement of roads for both rural and urban.

The Division has a strength of 203 regular staffs both technical & ministerial staffs and 342 work charge labour. Since inception, the dept has constructed and maintain more than 600 kms of road network both in urban and rural areas. One major challenging task is maintenance of road during monsoon due to it geographical condition where landslide is prone. Inspite of the constrain in fund and manpower the department has been giving its outmost efforts to provide good roads.



The Nagaland State Transport with few services in the district and the posting of Station Superintendant at Peren, with skeleton staffs finds it difficult to achieve its objective to provide affordable and quality services to the general public.

DPDB recommends:

a) NST Services needs to strengthen its net-work in the district by identifying the potential pockets to provided transport and communication facilities to the district..

b) Introductions of new NST Services to Tening, Ntu, Poilwa and Khelma from Jalukie will boost the motilities and economy of the district.

c) Introduce inter- state services from Jalukie to Haflong and Tamenglong.

d) Construct SS Office and departmental Quarters



The District Planning Office, Peren was established in 2005, there are 14 man power manning the office headed by District Planning Officer, who is the Member Secretary of the District Planning & Development Board, MPLAD, CMCF, DLMC for Flagship Programmes and Member of other developmental activities and the recent grass root Planning process have greatly increases the work load in the district.

Moreover for proper and effective implementations, execution and monitoring of LADP/ MPLADS /CMCF and other developmental activities in the district, an engineering cell needs to be attached to DPO’s Office and strengthening of the district Office manpower is the immediate requirement.



Peren is rich in nature’s gift of scenic beauty, nature wonder, artifact, arts, fineries, folk songs and dances which are not exposed to people from outside the district. The potential and scope for Tourism need to be tapped immediately for:

a) Eco Tourism: People out of necessity /ignorance have started to destroy the flora and fauna by logging and hunting.

b) Cultural Tourism : Most people receiving education outside the district tend to neglects the cultural practices like the folk music, songs, dance and the fineries for which the people of Peren district was known for.



Economics and Statistic Department play vital roles in providing all statistical data, analysis census and survey for planning and execution of development process. The department in Peren has been performing the normal activities as per the instructions from head office. The exercise is inconvenient in the absence of infrastructural facilities and manpower as such the following is proposed.

1. Construction of Staffs Quarters at the New District HQ, Peren

2. Deployment of Statistical personal at Tening & Peren Blocks.


1. Registration of Births & Deaths :-

2. Price Statistics:-

3. Village Level Development Indicator:-

4. National Sample Survey:-

5. Statistical Handbook:



The Food & Civil Supplies provides essential commodities to the people through the Public Distribution System (PDS) and check the inflationary market prices of essential Commodities.

The department proposes at the New district Hqr:

a) Constructions of Supply Office

b) Construction of Godown

c) Constructions of ADS Quarter

d) Constructions of Staffs Quarters Type x 4 nos

e) Construction of Staffs quarter for Grade IV x 3nos

f) Construction of Godown in all Administrative Hqrs x 7 nos



The task of Evaluation department is to undertake studies a on various developmental schemes and programmes and suggest ways and means to bring about improvement in the formulations and executions of schemes. The studies are study reports are considered and taken up as a vital tool in the Planning process.

The District Evaluation Office was established in 2012 and at present strength of 6 officials that includes the District Evaluation District Evaluation Office has at present a staff strength of 6 officials that includes the District Evaluation Officer, one Inspector, one Sub Inspector, one LDA Cum/Comp Asst, one Driver and one Peon.

The District Evaluation Officer will also aid in the state level evaluation studies that the Directorate of Evaluation Nagaland takes up from time to time and which involves his district by assisting the assigned Evaluation study team from the directorate by guiding them to the target locations and also helping in gathering and preparing relevant data for the said study at hand.

The District Evaluation Officer is entrusted to undertake one district specific evaluation study each year and on completion of the report is submit to the Directorate of Evaluation for review and approval.



The main objective of the department is to provide basic health care to all the people by enhancing infrastructure, man-power, logistic and capacity building. The impact made by the National Flagship Program NRHM is visible. Requirement: Chief Medical Office,

1.Construction of CMO office & warehouse

2. Construction of CMO office wall fencing

3. Purchase of furniture & silent generator

4. Construction of CMO quarter, District Officer & staff quarter

5. Construction of well equipped Mortuary/ Morgue.

District Hospital:

1.Construction of 100 bedded District Hospital with all specialties

2.Construction of MS office adjacent to DH

3.Construction of quarter within DH campus for MS, doctor & staff.



The PHED Peren Division comes into being in 1996. It has three Sub Division namely Peren, Jalukie and Tening. The division has 58 regular employees and 64 work charged employees as on September 2016.

The Water Supply Sanitation in Peren have three divisions, and provide clean drinking water to the Public but the department need lots of funds for Augmentation works in most of the settlement deu to increase in populations particularly at the foot hill areas and the pipelines in existences are too old and needs replacement of the more then 40 years old.



The Office of the Information Centre, Peren was established in the year 1966 and later on upgraded to that of Sub – Divisional Inf. Officer, Office in the year 1974. Presently there are five Sub-ordinates staff under the establishment of DPRO, Peren.

Proposals :

1. Construction of Office building 1 no. and staff quarters (R.C.C flat type) for DPRO & staffs in the New District HQR



The Fire Services was established 2015, a long felt needs of the district, particularly Peren Town and Jalukie Town, as the Fire Services are most needed during dry seasons where incidents of fire devastations are most common with accidental fires along with strong winds have been causing great losses to the public properties in the absence of the Fire Services.

Requirement of Infrastructures:

a) Construction of residential Quarters



In Peren district Jalukie ICDS Project was established in 1975, since from the department of social welfare has been implementing welfare programmes for the uplift of the weaker sections of the social.

There are 5 (five) ICDS Project in Peren district:

1. Peren

2. Jalukie

3. Tening

4. Nsong

5. Athibung



The Excise department plays a vital role in curbing social menaces to a great extend and helps in controlling the inflow of drugs and other substances essential for human. At present the posting of Deputy Superintendant of Excise with least manpower, is insufficient to cover large areas and outlets like Peren district






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