The first administrative setup in Peren District was with the establishment of a Political Assistant Office in 1958 then the district was known as Zeliang-Kuki Areas, later on a circle Officer was posted at peren in 1963, Assistant Commissioner-II was posted in 1965 and up graded to SDO (Civil) in 1966 and shifted to jalukie. in 1973 the SDO(C) Office at Jalukie was shifted to peren and up graded to sub-Division grade-I with Shri. L.M. Jamir as the first Additional Deputy Commissioner (Independent Charge) under kohima district.

           Peren was declared as full-fledged Revenue District on 24th January 2004 with Shri. Mikha Lomi as the first Deputy Commissioner, with a geagraphical area of 1799sqkms with a population of 94,954 and a density population of 41 per sq kms. there are 7- Administrative Hqrs, 4- Rural development Blocks and 86 recognized villages.

 The administration headed by Deputy Commissioner is in charge of the district dministration, Law and order, Protocols, Elections, Developmental activities and all extra harges. The Deputy Commissioner, Peren is assisted by an aditional Deputy Commissioner, one SDO (C) one EAC, with supporting staffs for administration and Dhobashis to deal with the customary Laws related cases.

besides that one ADC Tening and SDO (Civil) Office establishment at Jalukie four EAC Office one each at Ngwalwa, Ahthibung, Khelma and Nsong with Supporting Staffs and Dobhashis.




The District Executive Force (DEF), Peren became a full-fledged Police district in 1993. Peren Sub-Division was under DEF, Kohima till an Addl. SP was posted with strength of 66 personals. Now the DEF, Peren have a strength of 337 personals including Police Radio and Ministerial Staffs. The unit has now 3 (three) Police Stations at Peren, Jalukie and Kebai –Khelma, 3(three) out post at Heningkunglwa, Athibung and Tening. The unit has proposed for up-gradation of Tening out post to full-fledged Police Station and opening of one out post at Nsong.




The Sub Divisional Agricultural Office was established in 1976 at Jalukie and SDAO Office in 1989 at Tening. The District Agricultural Office was recently inaugurated on the 8th of March 2011, now the District Agriculture Officer in the rank of Joint Director, will be assisted by a Deputy District Agriculture Officer, one SMS/SDAO (Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer) besides the Existing SDAOs of Jalukie and Tening Sub Division.

    One AO/ Jr. SMS will be deployed to all RD Blocks ie, Peren, Jalukie, Athibung, Tening Also one AI will be deployed to each Administrative circle of Peren, Jalukie, Ngwalwa, Tening, Nsong and Athibung respectively as per recent notification of the Government of Nagaland.




1. NFSM (National Food Security Mission)

2. RKVY (Rastriya Krishi Vishva Yajona)

3. Nagaland Organics Mission under MOVCD-NER (Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North East) -8-

4. NMOOP (National Mission On Oil Seed Production)

5. Agriculture Link Roads

6. ATMA (Agriculture Technology Management Agency




The District Horticulture Office, Peren was established in 2005. The main activities of the department are cultivation of all kinds of fruits and vegetables crops. About three-fourth of the population are involved in agriculture and horticulture. Though rice is the staple food crop grown, horticulture development activities are attracting farmers for sustainable source of livelihood and for commercial purpose. The main drawback is that cultivation is vitiated by Jhuming. The only answer to this is binding, farm forestry, orchard plantation and cash crop plantation so as to discourage jhum cultivation which leads and low yield.



• Fruit crops: Mango, Litchi, Guava, Banana, Pineapple, Lemon, Orange etc..

• Spice crops: King chilly, Turmeric, Ginger, Large cardamom etc..

• Vegetable Crops: Summer and winter vegetable crops -9-

• Floriculture: Gerbera and Orchid

• Plantation Crops: Cashew nut and Coconut etc..

• Medicinal & aromatic Crops: Lemon grass

• Protected cultivation: Low cost & Hi-tech poly house for flowers & Vegetables

• Trainings, Demonstrations & Rejuvenation Progamme

• Tools & Equipments





The basic concept and approach of the department is to provide soil and water conservation related measures both the arable and non-arable land in compact areas with watershed as its unit of developmental strategies having project mode, by considering the fact that land resources in the form of soil, moisture and vegetation etc are indispensable activities in a small way was in operation since 1982 in the strength of a sub-division.

Ongoing activities:

Integrated Watershed Management Project (IWMP):

Integrated Land Development (ILD):

Soil Survey & Testing:

     With regard to its prospect and potentialities, the soil and water conservation Department has huge prospect and potentialities in the District to bring more areas into productive use by taking up various soil and Water conservation measures. However in the past not much attention has been given in this area.




The department of Vety & AH was established in 1983 headed by SDVO and upgraded to DVO in 2003 and in 2015 CVO was established, since then full-fledged district Office was functional, now the deptt have the following centre/ Institution :

1. Chief Vety Officer’s Office - Peren

2. District. Vety. Hospital - Peren

3. Dairy upgrading Centre - Peren

4. Poultry upgrading Centre - Peren

5. RBSCB Farm - Jalukie

6. Surti Buffalo Farm - Jalukie

7. Pig Breeding Farm - Jalukie

8. Fodder demonstration Farm - Jalukie

9. Vety Dispensary - Jalukie

10. Sheep Farm - Poilwa

11. Vety Health Centres - 9 nos viz. Tening/Athibung/Nsong/Khema/Mbaulwa/ Ndunglwa/Mhainamtsi/Ngwalwa/Poilwa




The Power supply to Peren District is transmitted through 33KV. Sub-Transmission line from the existing 100 MVA, 132/66/33 KV Extra High Voltage (EHV) receiving power sub-station Nagarjan, Dimapur via Medziphema. The District is catering load from four different Power Sub-Station (PSS) located at various places namely:

1. 0.5 MVA, 33/11KV Power Sub-Station (PSS) Ngwalwa Village.

2. 1 MVA 7 1.6 MVA, 33/11KV Power Sub-Station (PSS) Jalukie Town.

3. 0.5 MVA & 1.6 MVA, 33/11 KV Power Sub- Station (PSS) Peren Town.

4. 0.5 MVA, 33/11 KV Power Sub-Station (PSS) Tening Town.

   The PSS located at Ngwalwa Village covers Ngwalwa Village, Ngwalwa Town, Heningkunglwa and its adjoining areas; Jalukie Town PSS covers the whole town and its adjoining areas including the whole Ahthibung section. Peren Town PSS covers Peren Town and its adjoining villages. Tening PSS covers Tening Town and its neighboring villages. Altogether, there are 18 (eighteen) 11 KV feeders sub-transmitting power to the whole district namely Jalukie, Peren and Tening sections. Peren District will soon be connected with 33 KV transmission line emanating from 100 MVA. 132/66/33 KV EHV receiving PSS Nagarjan, Dimapur via Ganeshnagar with a Power Sub- Station capacity of 5 MVA at District Head Quarter Peren. With the addition of 5 MVA, 33/11 KV Sub-Station (PSS) at District Head Quarter Peren, the total installed capacity of Power Transformers would be 10.7 MVA by the financial year 2016-17.

However by 2030 the following requirements need to be added:

1. Up-gradation of the existing 0.5 MVA, 33/11 KV Ngwalwa PSS to 1.6 MVA, 33/11 KV at Ngalwa Village.

2. Up-gradation of 1 MVA/1.6 MVA, 33/11 KV Jalukie PSS to 5 MVA, 33/11 KV with proper switch gears and protective system in the sun-station or major up-gradation with slight modification of the existing Sub-Station infrastructure with 2*2.5 MVA Power Transformer at Jalukie Town.

3. Up-gradation of the existing 0.5 MVA and 1.6 MVA, 33/11 KV Power Sub-Station (PSS) to 5 MVA, 33/11 KV with proper switch gears and protective system in the Sub-Station at Peren Town.

4. Up-gradation of the existing 0.5 MVA, 33/11 KV Power Sub-Station at Tening Town to 1.6 MVA, 33/11 KV.








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